The sportswear brand PULPEA was born in Baqueira-Beret in 2007.

However, its comfortable and modern "tentacles of design", began to cook two years earlier. It was 2005 when its creators, two young Madrid lovers of sport, snow, outdoors, wind and waves, left the big city and changed their lifestyle with a common dream: to create PULP.

With base camp in the Aran Valley and a backpack loaded with knowledge of the medium, illusions and new ideas, Sergio Rico and Lucía Mallol elaborated the unique and original recipe of PULPEA: Ski and mountain ski clothing, street clothes -quality, top quality materials, waterproofness and breathability, exclusive and cheerful designs, garments suitable for all ages ... and all made in the EU

This spirit and style PULPEA was reflected in its First collection of Winter 2007, designed and stamped in Spain.

With the arrival of the first summer for the firm, the octopus became nervous without snow and began to miss the sea, so PULPEA extended its Domains and changed the slopes of the ski resorts by the waves of Tarifa, establishing its summer headquarters in the cradle and European capital of wind sports.

Many years have passed since the first winter collection 2007, and PULPEA is already a firmly consolidated brand in the national scene, which surprises each season with new garments, new designs and new fans unconditional of its colorful and unmistakable style. From the "little ones" Which start in the snow, even the most demanding and equipped athletes, young adventurers or simply lovers of comfortable clothing, and with an always original touch, find their ideal clothing in the line PULPEA. T-shirts, sweatshirts, softshell, technical clothing, thermal clothing ... with original patterns. Among all these clothes stands out, in its thermal underwear line, a complete monkey suitable for mountain and for bikers and there are no missing The classic "freeride", "powder", "always straight", "escorna" designs and their funny hats, with which we have seen some of the most famous visitors to the Aran Valley appear in the press.
If you like to play sports and enjoy the most air and free time, you are a PULPO capable of dressing PULPEA.

PULPEA: Your world, your clothes.